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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great Book Club Picks: No Rest for the Dead

For book clubs interested in sampling new authors or branching out into mystery, No Rest for The Dead offers an introduction to a variety of voices. No Rest for the Dead is a serial novel in which each chapter has been written by one of twenty-six bestselling authors.

The mystery centers on the murder of Christopher Thomas, a charismatic but mercurial art museum curator in San Francisco. His body was found in an iron maiden contraption after the torture devise was returned from his museum to its home museum in Berlin, Germany. Christopher’s wife, Rosemary, also a curator at the museum and in charge of medieval armory, was accused of murdering her husband. However, we learn early on that she was likely innocent of the crime. The dead man had a lot of enemies, so there is no shortage of suspects—from jilted lovers to art forgery dealers.  

Rosemary was convicted and executed for her husband’s murder, but she left behind a request in her will that her late husband's friends and colleagues be reunited ten years after her execution for a "memorial” in the museum. The lead detective on the case, John Nunn, haunted by his part in wrongly convicting Rosemary, is determined that this event will help reveal the real killer.

The tale is remarkably fluid considering the many authors who contributed. Some of the popular writers who participated include: Sandra Brown, Lisa Scottoline, R. L. Stine, Jeffrey Deaver, David Baldacci, Diana Gabaldon, Michael Palmer, Kathy Reichs and Alexander McCall Smith.

Although the book has multiple authors, because it is a novel, it is shelved in the adult mystery section under “MYS NO.” No Rest for the Dead is an engaging read and an interesting way to compare the styles of popular authors. Book club members may enjoy discussing the unique construction of the novel and discovering authors whose work they would like to explore further.

-Suzanne Summers LaPierre, Kings Park Library


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