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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Virginia Room

Lives Change @ Fairfax County Public Library - What can we do for you?

A young woman, adopted as a child, wanted to learn the identity of her deceased birth father. Using documents in her possession that held significant clues and the expertise of the Virginia Room staff, she discovered her birth father’s name and found his obituary, which lead her to more family. 

Research uncovering an ancestor’s service in the 10th Regiment Tennessee Infantry Union, not Confederate, army upends a generations-old family history of lineage from a loyal son of the Confederacy. 

A researcher who is certain that his people never left the South is encouraged to look again at the U. S. Census records, where he learns that they traveled far. 

The depth and breadth of collections in the Virginia Room at the City of Fairfax Regional Library offers tremendous riches for those researching Fairfax County and Virginia ancestors. Catalogued materials, such as books, maps and newspapers, as well as unique manuscript and photographic holdings, make the collection a superb one.  Genealogists will also discover that, while the library is rich in courthouse, military, church, and cemetery records, place and family histories, and periodicals relating to the Commonwealth, there are substantial holdings which serve researchers looking beyond the state’s borders.

So expand your borders. What’s your interest? What do you want to know? Come to the Virginia Room of the City of Fairfax Regional Library. It is true, libraries really do change lives.  What are you waiting for?
-Laura Wickstead, Virginia Room Manager, City of Fairfax Regional Library

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The post is part of an ongoing series examining the library lives of Fairfax County residents. Read their stories here.

Editor's note: The Washington Post's John Kelly interviewed Laura in February 2014 about the Virginia Room. Read about what he found or begin your own search with the Virginia Room's website.


Glenda said...

What a wonderful blog. Yes, lives are changed by the colorful history that's discovered when we delve into all the Virginia Room has to offer- AND all that the VR staff can offer! Thank you for being a wonderful librarian.

Rebecca Wolff said...

Thank you Glenda! Laura and the Virginia Room staff really do bring our history to life with the wonderful resources they have to share! Rebecca Wolff, Centreville Regional Library