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Thursday, March 07, 2013

History as Fiction

Thomas Mallon’s Watergate was just named a finalist for the Pen-Faulkner Award, an honor bestowed on authors by fellow writers.  Once described by John Updike as “one of the most interesting novelists at work,” Mallon specializes in history through the lives of ordinary people at the edge of major historical events.  In his first novel Henry and Clara, Mallon recreated the tragic story of Henry and Clara Rathbone--the young couple who sat in the President's box on the night of Lincoln's assassination.  If you wish to sample some of Mallon’s other work and their historical eras, here are a few selections:
Fellow Travelers                  (The McCarthy Era)
Bandbox                                (The Jazz Age)
Dewey Defeats Truman      (1948 Presidential Election)
Two Moons                    (Reconstruction Washington, D.C.)

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