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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When the Earth Shakes

Well, it was a new experience for me and my colleagues at the Fairfax County Government Center when the floor under my feet began to shake. At first I thought it was some construction work on the floor below me. Then as I followed others out the building I considered an explosion. It wasn’t until we completely evacuated and started to browse Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, that I learned it was an earthquake. It certainly doesn’t compare to the devastation earthquakes have caused in other parts of the world, but for a native East Coaster it was definitely disorienting.

While there is much online about yesterday’s uncommon event, I was curious about the history of earthquakes in the Old Dominion and found a few websites to enlighten me. They include:

Earthquakes in Virginia

Virginia's Largest Earthquakes

Historic Earthquake - Giles County, VA 1897

Got a quake story? Feel free to share.

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