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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stalling for Time

If you are regular reader of The Washington Post’s Outlook section, you may have noticed a review of Gary Noesner’s Stalling for Time in yesterday’s edition. Noesner, a retired FBI hostage negotiator, gave a library-sponsored presentation at the Fall for the Book Festival in Fairfax last month.

The Post writes that Noesner’s memoir “makes clear that this work is practically an art form. His accounts of dealing with right-wing militias, prison rioters, terrorist hijackers and even jealous ex-husbands show that negotiators must be masters of persuasion, pillars of unflappability and skilled improvisers who can make split-second decisions in perilous situations.”

Check out Library Director Sam Clay’s audio interview with Noesner at BookCast, the library’s series of chats with authors – local and beyond.

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