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Friday, January 22, 2010

Remembering Robert B. Parker, Erich Segal

We lost two popular fiction authors this week.

Robert B. Parker, best known for his detective books featuring Spenser, died while working at his desk in Cambridge, Mass. In addition to Spenser (whose first name was never revealed), the prolific Parker, who wrote more than 60 books including westerns and young adult fiction, created two other sleuths in recent years – Jesse Stone and and Sunny Randall. Stone, the ex-baseball player and small-town police chief, is the protagonist in Split Image which will be published in February.

Erich Segal, known to those of a certain era for his tear-jerker Love Story and its sequel Oliver’s Story, died in London. Segal, who also wrote the screenplay for “Yellow Submarine,” was a classics scholar who taught at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Oxford.

To sample Parker’s more recent work, try these books:

Stranger in Paradise


Rough Weather

For Segal’s other fiction, try

Only Love



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