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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Horoscope Says …

On November 1 the horoscope in The Washington Post for Scorpios said “Watching TV is easier than reading a book, but it doesn’t stay with you as long. You are like a book: not so many flashy images, but the impression you leave people with lingers.”

I don’t mind not being flashy, but the writer was certainly being a bit vague with that last line. People can leave a negative “impression” that lingers. But I am in agreement that TV is easier then reading; it doesn’t require as much of the brain, and because it’s a visual medium, you don’t need your imagination as much as you do with a book. Also, I think books deserve more credit than merely “lingering” with readers; it sounds so temporary. Books teach and inspire and motivate; they can truly change people, help people. I suppose TV can do that too, especially if you are one of the contestants in a reality TV program: learn to dance, lose weight, find your soul mate or become the next American idol. Alas, we must leave the comfort of the couch to do any of those via TV.

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