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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


There are many ways that library lovers can support the library, but one of the efforts that would go a long way to helping branches keep their shelves straightened is the Adopt-a-Shelf program. Businesses, organizations or individuals agree to come in to a branch on a regular basis and keep the shelved books in order. You can even select a certain shelf to “adopt” if you want to be well informed about the collection in a certain area such as biography, travel or finance. Here are the tasks involved with Adopt-A-Shelf:

read spine labels and reshelve books that are not in proper order;
shift books between shelves as necessary to assure easy access;
remove bookmarks, paper and litter from books and shelves;
identify books belonging to other branches, return them to the circulation desk for rerouting; and,
identify books requiring mending and places them in mending area with note attached.

Not all branches need adopt-a-shelf volunteers; to find out if your branch needs them, contact the volunteer coordinator at your branch.

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