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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Not to Read

I wish deciding what to read was simpler. With 175,000 books being published each year and only a small number of them getting most of the publicity, I wonder what treasures are published and disappear that I should have read. I add a few books to my list of “books I want to read” every week and that list gets longer and longer.

I feel guilty however, if a book comes highly recommended and yet languishes on my list while I read others that manage to call to me more forcefully. For example I have yet to read Three Cups of Tea or The Kite Runner, though they sit as one and two on my “list.” What’s called to me recently are books about animals such as Old Dogs are the Best Dogs by Gene Weingarten and Merle’s Door by Ted Kerasote. (Great books if you’re an animal lover.)

Every time I read a really good book that moves me in some way, I feel grateful I found it. I just wish I knew what not to read to have time for the rest.

Mary Mulrenan, Fairfax County Public Library

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