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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Treat Library Materials Gently

I was reading a borrowed book the other day when I encountered – make sure you’re sitting down for this, because book lovers will be outraged – dog-eared pages! A library customer had folded pages down to hold his or her place. Folding pages in a book is not good practice and deteriorates the book for the next user.

It struck me; however, that that was the first time in a long time that I had run across a dog-eared library book. It’s been a while since I’ve borrowed a book that someone had –egads! – written in. Most customers are very respectful of their library materials. So, thanks to all of you who treat your library materials so gently.

We do have volunteers by the way, who are able to help with some minor mending of books, but once a book becomes too worn, it needs to be removed from the collection and these days not every book can be replaced due to budget cuts.

Mary Mulrenan, Fairfax County Public Library


Carolyn said...

Folded over pages tick me off - I had to curb my DH of this terrible habit when we first combined our libraries. = )

Now that I have young children and I borrow the library's DVDs, I have another pet peeve - patrons who let their very small children [as evidenced from the size of the sticky fingerprints) handle the DVDs. The results are scratched and unusable DVDs for others. Then, to add insult to injury, they return them to the library and don't bother to notify anyone that they are now unusable. They go right back into circulation, to the disappointment of small children and their parents all over the county. My 2 young daughters have been disappointed at least a dozen times now by not being able to watch DVDs that we got from the library. Dealing with those tears was not fun, and perfectly avoidable.

I appreciate being able to get kids shows on DVD from the library - variety for both me and my children without a lot of expense. I'd be in favor of setting up some kind of tracking program that encourages patrons to return DVDs in the condition they recieved them in - usable!

Mary said...

Carolyn -- Thank you for your comments. I hadn't heard of that problem occuring so frequently before. I can understand the tears. Please e-mail me at Perhaps there's something I can do to make your daughter feel better.