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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

We need your help

The Fairfax Library moderated discussion (known as a blog in most circles) launched in October 2005. We have used the space to highlight both books and digital material in our collection on a wide variety of subjects as well as sharing author and book profiles, news of events and new services.

Many have visited us over the years, but we have never really polled you to find out what you like about our twice-weekly postings or what we might do differently. Now is the time to do it. For the month of July, this contributor will be taking a break, while we try to collect some thoughts from you.

Here’s what we would like to know:

1. Have you visited this space more than once?

2. What are you looking for in this space? Library events, services? Author profiles? Book and literary award news? Anything else?

3. What is the one thing we could do to make this space more appealing to you?

4. Do you visit other library blogs? If so, which ones?

Share your thoughts here. We’ll see you in August.


Anonymous said...

I am not likely to read the blog in the future. However if the same info were to be posted into a facebook link, I would be sure to click on it and read it.

Fairfax County Public Library said...

The moderated discussion posts are included on the library's Facebook. To find the "We need your help" posting on the library's Facebook, go to Scroll down to the July 7 entry and you'll see it.

Anonymous said...

Don't call it a moderated discussion. What's that? Call it a blog. That is the common term. Also, use some graphics to make it more visually attractive.

Anonymous said...

Place more prominently on the library web page, and also link to it from your Facebook page. Even your request for comments was hidden in all the mush of type. How about a graphic that defines you, and catchs the eye of those interested in following blogs?

JMiah said...

i just came to this site for the first time and i am interested.

i am looking for a monthly book release, maybe some interesting books that might have come out. Author profiles would be nice too.

It would be appealing if the design were a little more colorful.

i have never visited a library blog, cause i never thought one could exist! (funny, right) but now that i know, i am very interested, i think to get more people like me to notice it, you may want to advertise it on the homepage, suggest to readers to read the online library blog, i am sure that would get more people interested!

Fairfax County Public Library said...

Your ideas are good; we do need to add some graphics! We do link to the discussion from our Facebook page. We wish we could call it a blog, but unfortunately, the county prefers to refer to it as a moderated discussion. Thank you for your comments!

Anonymous said...

How about just combining the terms, calling it the FCPL moderated discussion (Blog); or FCPL Blog (moderated discussion).

How about a catchy name?!

Anonymous said...

You link to the discussion (blog)from the Facebook page? Where? I don't see a link? Perhaps you could put the link in the top left of the page ABOVE that long list of hours. And aren't those hours incorrect? Government center offices are not open on weekends. And not all libraries are open on Sundays. Hmmm.

Fairfax County Public Library said...

Thanks so much for all your comments. We will soon be posting a new version of our moderated discussion called "Out-of-Print."

You can find the moderated discussions posted on the Wall tab in Facebook interspersed among other items. Putting the moderated discussions on Facebook is an automated process so it is not possible to group them in one place. Facebook does not allow as much customization as other social media, such as MySpace.

We were even limited in how we could display our hours because we are an organization with multiple locations which does not easily fit the Facebook template.

If you want to see all the moderated discussions in one place, your best bet is to subscribe to an RSS feed for this moderated discussion or to visit this page regularly.

Diane said...

I have visited several times. I look for new books and reviews. I get your blog via RSS and enjoy it. I read several other library blogs and actively look for those that have book reviews and recommendations. I'm not in Fairfax so news of events and new services isn't as important to me, but on a "professional" level I enjoy hearing what other public libraries are doing!

One that I read regularly is

Fairfax County Public Library said...

Diane --

Thanks so much for responding to our survey and we are glad you are a regular reader. It is helpful to know you are looking for reviews and reading recommendations and I know they will continue to be a part of our redesigned moderated discussion.

If you have any interest in posting your own reviews, our library has a discussion at