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Friday, May 15, 2009


USA Today reports that Anthony Zuiker, the creator of the CSI franchise has launched a book-video combination he calls a “digi-novel” ("Anthony Zuiker's 'Level 26' Marks Origin of 'Digi-Novel,'" May 11, 2009).

The book, about an investigator who hunts serial killers, is the first in a series that will be augmented by 20 videos with actors playing characters from the book. Every 20 pages, readers can go online to view a three-minute video.

This may be a new trend that combines text and video. Scholastic has a Web site that adds clues to its The 39 Clues series, as well as a multi-media ghost story series. Author Patrick Cameron published Skeleton Creek earlier this year. The novel is split in two – one character tells the story in text, the other in video on a Web site.

So – is this the wave of the future? What do you think of multi-media books?

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