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Friday, April 03, 2009

More on “Who Reads More – Men or Women?”

A writer for the Guardian has weighed in on the recent study reported in our March 24 entry that showed that 50 percent of women as opposed to 26 percent of men finish a book. Journalist Jean Hannah Edelstein shared her ideas for increasing male readership – changing female characters names to male names, redesigning covers — in "Turning Men Into Page Turners," March 25, 2009. Here’s an excerpt:

“Real change won't occur until publishers band together and make a concentrated effort to re-masculate reading. One option, I suppose, would be to publish special gentlemen's editions of books that are currently targeted at women, but might actually have male appeal. Female protagonists could be given male names, and romantic plots could be tweaked slightly to be more about football. My editor was not a fan of my suggestion of a special manned-up print run of my (quite feminine) book with a cover featuring a tractor and a pint, but I am holding out hope for the second edition once the trend catches on.”

While tongue-in-cheek, her ideas might have merit. What do you think?

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