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Friday, January 16, 2009

Recession Bargains

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal featured an article on the increase in library use during the recent economic downturn ("Folks Are Flocking to the Library: A Cozy Place to Look for a Job,"Jan. 15, 2009).

Public libraries throughout the nation from Stockton, Calif. to Stamford, Conn. and right here in Fairfax County, Va. are experiencing an increase in use as visitors seek job information, entertainment, such as books, recorded books and DVDs or just a quiet place to spend the day.

The article notes that the increase in use ironically comes at a time when the institution had almost been written off as irrelevant because of the Internet and when local governments facing severe cutbacks are forced to close libraries or drastically reduce library service.

So, if you haven’t discovered your local library branch and all its resources, go back to the library’s Web site and click on Branches.

How are you using your local library these days? Let us know.

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