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Friday, February 01, 2008

February Is Library Lovers’ Month!

Many of us started our love affairs with our libraries at a young age as
we met Curious George or Peter Rabbit through a library book. If we're avid book readers or curious by nature, our libraries offer cost-effective ways to indulge our interests whatever they are. It might be cooking one week and traveling the next, as well as a home improvement or self-improvement project.

We may enjoy a good mystery or biography to keep us engaged, a book on current events or history to keep us educated, or a book on tape or CD to keep us awake on long drives.

If you are grateful for your library, then February is the month to celebrate! There are numerous ways to celebrate Library Lovers’ Month including checking out a book (probably more than one), visiting us on the Web, attending a library program (hundreds of programs are offered each month - find out about them through the Web or grab a copy of our monthly newsletter "This Month" at your local branch), joining your branch's Friends group (if you haven't already), or contributing money to a Friends group or the Fairfax Library Foundation (you can even buy a book for the library through our Wish List. See the list on the foundation's Web site).

Send Us a Valentine
The Fairfax Library Foundation is sponsoring a LoveMyLibrary valentine program in celebration of Library Lovers' Month.

How do you love your library? Let us know.

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