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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Defending the Book

In a column on PBS’ MediaShift Web page, Jennifer Woodard Maderazo lists five reasons she won’t give up books:

1. She hates e-books
2. She can’t curl up with an eBook
3. Sensory stuff
4. Emotional connection
5. (and we might add “your library”)

Maderazo is responding to recent pronouncement by Apple CEO Steve Jobs that “people don’t read anymore,” predicting that Amazon’s Kindle eReader had no future. Maderazo disputes this notion, saying in part:

“With all their shininess and interactivity, gadgets like the Kindle are inevitably trying to emulate something many of us fell in love with when we were children: the reading experience and the comfort of books. Like with other relationships formed in our early lives, sometimes a substitute just won’t do. I don’t want an electronic mom, I want my real mom. And I still want real books.”

So what are your thoughts? Let us know.

And, if you would like to try an eBook, check out the library's collection.

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