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Friday, November 30, 2007

Kindle Fever

There has been a lot of buzz this past week about Amazon’s new e-reader, the Kindle. Apparently it is changing the way readers can buy e-books by allowing a book to be downloaded directly to the reader, rather than first to a PC.

A reviewer in "The Wall Street Journal" liked the ease of downloading up to 90,000 titles, and some of Kindle’s excellent software features. The hardware, he felt, needed some tweaking. Amazon, he felt, had more to learn about designing electronic devices.

The announcement of the Kindle sparked a new and reoccurring debate on the state of the book. “Newsweek” explored ("The Future of Reading") in a recent issue and the NPR show, ("On the Media"), devoted a segment to books last week.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you still like the feel of a book in your hands or is the Kindle and e-paper the future of reading? Is there a future to reading? Let us know.


Breezy said...

I have been reading ebooks on PDAS, and now the Sony E Reader for almost ten years now. The E-ink technology that the Kindle and Sony use is by far the easiest on the eyes. I'm skipping the Kindle due to the form factor and the fact that I don't want to pay Amazon to translate my content, but I'm a huge proponent of electronic readers.

Anonymous said...

If we could get text books on Kindle and replace the 40-50 lbs. backpacks that kids have to carry to school, I'd buy one in a heartbeat for my teen.

I love books and wouldn't buy a Kindle -- yet -- for pleasure reading. But maybe version 2...

Mark Mellang said...

Actually, breezy, you don't have to pay top translate your content. They'll charge $.10 to translate & send it to your Kindle fi you email [your.username] But if you send content to [ they'll send you and email with the translated content & you can upload it to your kindle via USB.

I agree, though, the form factor stinks.