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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pat Conroy Is Back!

Bestselling author Pat Conroy is finishing up his first novel in more than a decade, reports the Associated Press. It’s running more than 700 pages at the moment, and returns to the dysfunctional relationships that characterize his earlier work.

“Everyone in this new book is dying and driving themselves off cliffs,” Conroy told the Atlanta-Constitution. “So I’m back to normal.”

While you’re waiting for Conroy to put the final touches on his new work, you can relish some of his earlier books. Most are also available in alternate formats, such as large print, cassette, CD, eBook and eAudiobook.


Beach Music

The Prince of Tides

The Lords of Discipline

The Great Santini


The Pat Conroy Cookbook, Recipes of My Life

My Losing Season

The Boo

The Water is Wide

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