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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Trim Your Budget: Borrow a Book

Thanks again to the Waterloo Public Library's blog for this humorous New Yorker riff on advice that one should “check books out of the library instead of buying them. . . . New releases of hard-cover novels cost $25 and more these days. If you buy just two a month, that’s $600 a year.”

New Yorker humorist Ian Frazier’s tongue-in-cheek response to that advice appeared in the article, “Ten Sure Ways to Trim Your Budget.” Here are a few:

“As an accountant, the first thing I tell my clients is ‘Get a library card!’ Otherwise, you’re too subject to temptation, and liable to find yourself in over your head. Few people know that the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is the Clan of the Cave Bear novels.”

“Eventually, I was able to cut back on novels to one a month, then half a novel, then just a few pages. As of this week, I have not looked at a novel (except from the library) for eighteen months, knock wood. For the first time, I’m learning what it is to live within a budget.”

“If every American back in 1950 had quit buying novels and invested money in high-yield bonds, today we would be looking at a savings surplus of several trillion dollars, and Social Security would not be in the mess it’s in.”

But seriously . . . in this holiday season, when budgets get stretched, using the library is not bad advice. The public library remains one of the few services that can be enjoyed without having to pull out your credit or debit card. Join us for reading material and free activities this month!

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