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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Reading Groups: Beyond Jane Austen

October is National Reading Group Month. Book clubs have become so popular and come in so many shapes and sizes that the Library Journal recently devoted an entire article to the phenomenon (The Book Club Exploded, July 1, 2006). Groups these days often read and discuss not just a book, but focus on a genre or the entire work of one author -- or even a book plus its movie adaptation. The days of just tea and Jane Austen are long gone!

If you’ve been wanting to join a book discussion group, now’s your chance: the Fairfax County Public Library offers a number of book discussions for a wide variety of ages and interests.

We also offer kits with 10 copies of the same book and a discussion guide. Adult book club kits range from Alexander McCall Smith’s No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency to Isabelle Allende’s House of Spirits. If your group is searching for additional books to discuss, check out Booklists for Adults or the Readers’ pages on the library’s Web site for award winners, book discussion guides and a variety of resources for selecting a good book to discuss.

If you’re already in a book group, let us know what you’re reading and how you approach the art of selecting new books.

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