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Monday, April 03, 2006

Our Special Day

Every day is both somebody’s birthday and the anniversary of some event. For some 49 years, librarians have referred to Chase’s Calendar of Events to learn about events around which they can focus book displays or library programs. This year, the editors of that book missed an opportunity to return the favor.

Get out your calendar; Tuesday, April 4 is National Library Workers Day! While you might not find a greeting card at your favorite store, there are plenty of ways you can observe this occasion. Here are a few:

1. Stop by the library. There are books to check out and maybe some used books to buy. If you haven’t been in for a while, stop at the information desk and ask about our databases and downloadable audiobooks.

2. Join the Friends group for your local branch. They run the book sales, help with programs, and share information about the community.

3. Volunteer some time. You might want to shelve books, work with children, sort materials for book sale, compile a local history file, or assist with an English conversation group. If you have a library degree you might want to volunteer at our information desks.

4. Sign up for the library’s e-mail newsletter, FCPLEASE. You’ll get weekly updates about programs and book topics.

And, take a look at Chase’s when you come in. You’ll learn that April 4 is also Bonza Bottler day. It’s a day to celebrate when the number of the month is the same as the number of the day. (Now you’ll be ready for the next ones!)

Later this month, the library will begin a survey of its customers. We’ll be asking about how you use the library with an eye to aligning our collections and services to meet your needs. You can also post your thoughts about the library (and National Library Workers Day) by clicking on the word “comments” below.

-- Denise Morgan, Lorton Library manager

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Anonymous said...

You folks always get along so well. Do you ever get loud at your library meetings? I'm trying to imagine librarians being cranky or nasty. Does it ever happen?