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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


As with many professions, librarians get stereotyped. After our April 3 entry on National Library Workers Day, Anonymous posted this response:

“You folks always get along so well. Do you ever get loud at your library meetings? I’m trying to imagine librarians being cranky or nasty. Does it ever happen?”

It’s great to know librarians have such a positive image! However, all too often the stereotypical 1950s image of Marian the Librarian rears her bun-wearing head. Library professionals today are information consultants, dispensing expertise on an ever-expanding variety of formats. It’s not your grandfather’s library anymore!

In addition to getting printed material in our branches, you can visit the library’s Web site and read e-books online or download audiobooks to your MP3 player. You can sign up for an RSS feed to get library news releases delivered to your e-mail box; you can also sign up to be reminded by e-mail when your books are due.

In addition, our librarians teach workshops on Internet navigation and how to use various software products, in addition to finding the answer to more than half a million research questions per year! Of course, our librarians are also experts on the latest books you might want to read.

If you’ve found any of our staff particularly helpful, let us hear about it!

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