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Friday, December 02, 2005

Long-distance Loans

Need a book that's not in our collection? Try our interlibrary loan service. We borrow up to 7,000 books from other libraries throughout the U.S. and Canada and loan them to readers here in Fairfax. Sometimes the lending institutions require a fee for this service (for example, Harvard and Princeton charge up to $30), which we pass on to the borrower. Many borrowers have found the convenience to be worth the nominal cost.

ILL users have included Ph.D. candidates, authors, genealogists and others researching a wide variety of subjects from raising earthworms to rocket science. One ILL user previewed books to be purchased for a library in India; others get assistance with finding medical information. Items available for interlibrary loan include books, microforms and periodical articles.

To request an interlibrary loan, stop at the information desk at your library branch and fill out an ILL request form. Our ILL staff will then search for an institution that owns the item and agrees to lend it to us. When the item comes in, you will be contacted by the branch.

To find out whether a book you want is in our collection, check our online catalog.

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